Pythagoras for less able students

I have a group of Grade 9’s on my timetable this year, some of whom have never done Math before having been either in Resource for Math or they missed classes etc… I sat and tried to think of ways to introduce the idea of Pythagoras to them without overwhelming and without using too many resources (I don’t have scissors, glue sticks etc…). I made a picture of a right angled triangle in Word, printed it and photocopied it. I also downloaded the fantastic Kuta Software Pythagoras sheet and copied this too.

Our classes are 75 minutes so I put a PowerPoint together, and then I gave out the pieces of paper with the triangles on and showed a slide where the labels appeared one by one. We labelled our triangle with the names of the different sides and with the right angle and then we moved onto proving that the theorem works for the area of squares.

Once they had tried this out for themselves and they seem satisfied that it worked we moved onto working with just the sides. Some of them worked better by drawing small squares next to the sides of the triangle where they wrote in the areas of their ‘squares’.

We completed the Kuta sheet and any questions left carried onto homework…

I was quite pleased with their progress. I think that I might produce some “Pythagoras Master” stickers for them.


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