Blapp-Snap Videoscribe

Continuing from last weeks Blapp-Snap a chain of blog posts about educational apps which are available for use in the classroom. Last weeks fantastic entry came from @MrWilBaker

This is a review of the app Videoscribe from Sparkol. It’s available for iOs devices and for OSX. I was introduced to the app when I got given an iPad at school and I was talking to our EdTech consultant who told me about VideoScribe.

Videoscribe allows you to create a video which can explain anything using handdrawn pre-made video clips. You can choose from multiple item from the library, such as an arrow, you can then add text and then move to a different area of the page. Here is a quick example of what a basic layout might look like:


If we look at the interface, it’s very simple to use, allowing the user to simply, drag drop, resize and move items around. You are also not limited to just the items in the library, you can import a video or image of your own into the app to describe or enhance.


The end result looks professional, is fun to watch and allows both teachers and students to explain even the most complex idea in the most basic and eye catching way. The flexibility of the app is the best bit of it, it has so many options, allowing you to change the colour, the duration and add multiple items and new frames or ‘slides’.


Here is an example of a finished video:

Over to next weeks writer


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