Google Apps for Education Montreal Summit

Having attended the GAFE summit in Montreal last weekend which was hosted by my school board (LBPSB) I am finding myself inspired with so many ideas.


However the one thing which has really stood out for me is the script Flubaroo, it allows you to use a Google Form to collect answers to a quiz or a test and then to push out an email once they have been completed marking the answers and using the students email address to provide them with instantaneous feedback.

The script is so easy to use, you can add it by going to Tools > Script Gallery and searching for Flubaroo. You will need to have your sheet set up before you start with the script and you will also need to have made your form in advance. Once set up you will need to answer your quiz with the correct answers and tell it to use that set of form submissions to Mark against.

You don’t need to be a GAFE school to use this, you can use it for homework or for tests. If combined with FormRanger or FormLimiter the humble Google Form becomes extremely powerful.

The Summit

The summit was incredible, by using presenters who had a wealth of knowledge and providing networking opportunities it was an amazing and inspiring event. The weekend started off for me on Thursday with 2 days of Google Certified Trainer training. This was informative, and provided a solid grounding in Google Apps for Education.

To follow this up we then had the 2 day summit where presentations ranged from @lisegaluga keynote, the DemoSlam, Chrome Ninja tips, Google Earth field trips to the most inspiring Presentation I’ve ever heard from @msmagiera. You can see all of the resources from the summit at the website

If you have the opportunity to attend a summit you should go, it’s an incredible experience.

The Lester B Pearson team who arranged it are incredible. You can find out more at the DCP Website


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