Adding files to more than one folder in Drive – Why?

As the school year started this year, I decided that I would use a class website instead of my Edmodo workflow from previous years. I like Edmodo, don’t get me wrong, in fact I loved it, but it can be a little clunky for the basic things that we want to do. I also don’t use half of the features, and it doesn’t always work. So I decided that purely to host files and make announcements, a Google site would suffice. 

So I set up Google Groups for each class, added the class members to each, and then set permissions on my site pages to these students. Then came the interesting part, in my Drive I created a folder for each class, to store their files & things that we have done on the SMART board, notes, presentations etc… within this folder I created a new one called website.

So to re-cap I have My Drive > Math > Grade 7 > Group 1 > Website

The website folder has view permissions for the group, this way everything in the folder can be viewed. 

In sites I went to edit page > Insert > Drive > Folder and chose the Website folder.

This adds the folder to the page, and now everything which gets added to that folder can be seen on the page in sites by that group. Now came my issue. With some files I wanted to share the same file with two groups, well how could I do this, but only really have one file? This is where Google Drive’s genius move to folders feature comes in. 

By taking a file and Ctrl + Click (Windows) or Opt (Alt) + Click (on Mac) you can drag the file into whichever folders you want to place a ‘copy’ in Drive. Its not really creating a copy, but more placing a link to the original file which can be stored wherever you want. Remember, its not creating a copy, so if you move it into a folder which has edit permissions, people can now edit your original file (or at least this is how I interpret this).

Alice Keeler has more information on her blog about different way to do this, both in the new drive and the old drive.

Now the file appears in both of my folders, and on the website, both groups can see the file. 


3 thoughts on “Adding files to more than one folder in Drive – Why?

  1. bpugh2 says:

    I have been using apps script proxy for use with the Awesome Table gadget for a few months on three sheets where student responses to a novel are collected (14 columns, approx. 560 rows of data thus far). Beginning this week, Awesome Table is returning data to students erratically: some see their own responses, others get none, not even an error.

    I have the web app set to execute app as me and can be used by anyone within our domain.

    Any idea what may be happening? Thank you (any my students will, too!).


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