Math & Google Apps

I’ve spent some time thinking about the new school year, and how I can integrate Google Apps into my Math class. It’s not a simple task but there are some things that you can do to make life easier and allow you to make better use of the Apps.

1. Make use of Google Classroom

Classroom is great for powering assignments and allowing students to find information in an easy and quick matter. You can put a worksheet here and ask students to complete it, you can post notes from class, video tutorials and make them aware of all sorts of news items from class.

2. Use forms to power your teaching

I use forms to ask students 5-10 questions about a topic that we are learning about, and then use Flubaroo or SuperQuiz to carry out an assessment using these for the next class to establish if students have understood the questions and which ones need interaction.

3. Respond to a form using math and more

The GMath add on for Sheets, forms and Chrome, allows you to really get some powerful math flowing in your class. You really need to check it out if you haven’t yet seen it.

4. Use the new Google Classroom API

The new Google Classroom API allows you to use third party sites with Classroom. Some examples include:

      – Peardeck
      – IXL
      – Khan Academy

Once you have integrated it with the service you can sync class rosters, pass information back and forth and so on.

What are your ideas for using Google Apps & Math? Let me know


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