On Saturday 28th November we ran our first RemixEd event at the McGill University Education building in Montreal. Along with GEG Montreal, LEARN Quebec and Learning Bird, Educators from across the Greater Montreal Area (and further afar) came to take part in a brand new event which combines a traditional conference with an EdCamp.

Our conference rooms included opportunities to learn about blended learning with Learning Bird, a Maker Space run by LEARN Quebec, and a Tech Room, we had five un-conference rooms where people had the opportunity to add their own sessions to the schedule.


We started the day with a welcome address in the auditorium, where we introduced the day, thanked our sponsors who included; Otter Box, Remind, Studyo, Learning Bird, LEARN Quebec, GEG Montreal, Double Pizza and more. This took place in the amazing auditorium which includes group whiteboards, student microphones, height adjustable desks, speaker note screens, document cameras, SMART Podium screens, lighting control and more, a true 21st century learning space.

IMG_20151128_081143.jpg Session 1 involved me talking about Google Apps and the advantages. Thie was an interesting session which had people who had no idea about GAFE to those who had specific security questions which led to discussion of things such as YubiKeys which protect from social engineering to the key features of Google Apps for Education and what makes it the ultimate tool in education at the moment.

Session 2 led to a discussion about workflow including Remind which allows messaging with students and parents for free, and also allows group chats and more. This session was interrupted by me accidentally calling campus security from the phone, which was rather embarrassing. I think that most people took quite a bit away from the session including their own sharing of their uses of Edmodo.

Lunch was sponsored by Learning Bird and LEARN Quebec. With Double Pizza Montreal helping reduce the cost of the pizzas! 50 to be exact!


During the afternoon session I went to check out the Maker Space which I hope will be making an appearance at the upcoming Future Ready Summit in Montreal in April. There are some amazing things happening here including Makey Makey and textile technologies which blew my mind.


We finished with a GEG discussion and a wrap up with prize giveaways including Chrome Casts, Google SWAG, Otter Boxes, Books, and Much Much More!

All in all this was an amazing day with lots of events and sessions run by amazing educators. My favourite tweet of the day was:

If you’re interested in hosting a RemixEd please get in touch and we’d be happy to talk to you about using our branding and how to get started.

You can follow us on Twitter @RemixEdMTL and find us on Facebook


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