Becoming an Innovator

This week I got the amazing, and exciting news that I had been accepted into the Google Innovator Academy in Toronto this October.


My friend Tanya Avrith said that “The Certified Innovator program is where the lone wolf meets their pack. It’s where the dreamers, the disrupters, the idealists meet with the intention of being the change”. Tanya became a Google Certified Teacher (now the Innovator program) in 2012. To me it’s more than this, it’s the opportunity to join a family, a  family which has been growing since 2005 when the Google Teacher Academy first began. Since then it has changed adapted and gained more people on it’s way. Now 11 years in a family has formed, they congregate at conferences, summits, workshops and online. A support network, a resource, a group of people cleverer and geekier than I am.

Then it struck me, I’m going to become one of these people, one of this elite group of people who can call themselves Certified Innovators, can I live up to this? Can I make my project become a reality? Then I though more, someone thought that my project was one of the best out of hundreds of applications which were received for the Innovator Academy, I thought it was good, but I seriously doubted that it was good enough. This means that I have a lot to live up to…

So just in case you haven’t yet grasped the scale of this, 2-3 times a year thousands of educators apply to be one of 20-40 people accepted to be a part of one of the most coveted and honored programs in Educational Technology… this is HUGE.

My project looks at how we can better use students as a professional development resource for teachers. I was also honored to be able to have Davis Carlson help out with my video, he is an incredible Grade 10 student from Calgary, Alberta who is already working with Teachers, providing training in his areas of expertise.

So now this incredible journey begins, and I have to live up to some of the people who have come before me, some of whom I have the honor to call my friends, too many to mention, but all incredible and amazing people.

I’ll keep blogging along the way, but for now I’m off to eat some more humble soup and stand in awe at the scale of what I still have to achieve.


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