Using Add-Ons in the Classroom

I’m a bit of a fan of using Google’s Add-ons in Docs, Sheets and Forms. In fact I pretty much rely on them for everything that I do. I’ve been asked a few times which my favourites are, so here goes:


Flubaroo allows you to grade Google Form submissions using a form submission as the correct answers. Flubaroo was made by a Googler, and you can find it as an add on in Sheets. 

I like Flubaroo because it saves a mountain of time. Teaching Math I ask students to complete their homework and then type in their numerical answer to the form. I ask them to round and then mark their answers using Flubaroo. If you use %or between your answers then you can have a list of multiple correct answers. You can also assess multiple choice answers (although Forms itself does a good job of this through the quizzes feature). I like that you can share the results back to the students with the correct answers included, and you get the choice between emailing the results, or sharing them in a Google Doc (this is great if you’re not using Gmail).


If I need to automate emailing someone on a form submission, then formMule is my go to tool. It’s easy to use, it always works and it will translate the message for you into another language. I’ve used this for workshop sign ups, contact forms, registration forms and even appointment scheduling and follow up.


I wrote this really basic add on to retrieve the edit URLs of submitted form responses. It works in Sheets.

Essentially this does one thing, it goes and fetches the form edit URL and puts it into a sheet next to the form submission. I use this for homework assignments to send the student the link to change their answers if they have been for help. It cleans up the sheet and avoids multiple submissions from the same person. It should be noted that if you have your form limited to one submission per person, the edit URL won’t work.

Copy Down

This simple add on copies the formula in a cell and pastes it in the cells below whenever a form is submitted.

This is really useful when you’re dealing with data that you need to manipulate that you’re collecting in a form. Let’s say you need to split the first and last name of a student, you just use an =split () and then each time it will get copied down and the cells get adjusted! Genius.

Doctopus & Goobric

If you assess using Google Classroom you’re going to want to look into this combo. Doctopus is a sheets add on and Goobric a Chrome Extension.

Simply put Doctopus allows you to retrieve assignments from Google Classroom, and Goobric let’s you then assess them using a Rubric. It makes Google Classroom marking far faster. This video from Jennie Mageira is a must watch.


This isn’t really an add on but it’s so freaking awesome that I have to mention it.

EquatIO is a product from Texthelp which allows users to input math via either text, voice or handwriting. It then converts this inputted math into ‘real’ look math formatted as you would write it on paper. You can edit equations and it will also do text to speech on equations.


I’ve also used apps script to develop custom solutions to simple problems such as the student progress tracker that I’ve previously written about.
Which tools do you use which you can’t survive without?


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